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GREGORY-GATSERELIAGregory grew up and studied in France until 1967, when he moved back to Lebanon. He has a degree in Interior

Architecture from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts and worked for several years on residential and

commercial projects following his graduation.

He also worked in art, between Belgium and Georgia, his native country, with a vision to create a positive cultural exchange between Belgian and Georgian artists.

Together with his brother Alexander, Gregory founded Gatserelia Design Int. in Toronto in 1985. The company designed a number of nightclubs, bars, shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, apartments and restaurants. One of these projects

was “the Acrobat Lounge” for which Gatserelia Design received its first award.

In 1996, Gregory moved back to Lebanon where he engaged in an expansion strategy for Gatserelia Design, building on the reputation it had already established for itself in the industry. Working from Lebanon on a variety of projects

across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, Gatserelia Design began expanding its reach and creating increasingly innovative and internationally acclaimed projects.

Gregory received extensive television and print media coverage. Several projects in Lebanon and throughout the world have been featured in many high profile design magazines. Gatserelia Design received numerous awards. One of the most recent is the UK and International 2012 Restaurant and Bar Design Award for best restaurant design in the Middle East and Africa. Two projects have been published in the 2014 Taschen Edition. Gregory was also recognized by

Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 interior designers worldwide for four years in a row (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016).

In 2011 he opened his own art gallery, Smo Gallery, which promotes international as well as local artists and designers.


Angie El Samadi

A seasoned professional in marketing, sales and PR, Angie has worked in a variety of sectors, from banking to real estate, making her highly versatile and able to understand communication challenges from different perspectives. Angie is a well-travelled individual having been exposed to different cultures throughout her education in Switzerland, Lebanon and the United Kingdom. She is highly articulate both orally and in writing, and has brought significant added value to the Gatserelia Design brand image and equity.


Fida Hamdan

Design Team
Fida is a Design Manager and the Head of Projects at Gatserelia Design. She works relentlessly on ensuring timely delivery to clients and on managing all aspects of the design process. As the most senior member of the team, Fida has been working at the company since 2000, after having held interior design positions at two other companies in Lebanon. Fida’s experience speaks for itself. She has a Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design from the Lebanese University’s Faculte des Beaux Arts.


Tania Hokayem

Design Team
Tania is also a Design Manager at Gatserelia Design and has been working at the company since 2003, making her way up from interior designer to senior interior designer and design manager with ease and flexibility. Tania has a BA in Interior Design from the Lebanese American University. She is blessed with a calm and friendly disposition which is a plus in the frantic process of interior design


Yara Makhlouf

Design Team
Yara joined Gatserelia Design in 2009 after having worked at a number of high profile Lebanese design and architecture institutions where she amassed a diverse set of skills. She also did numerous internships and trainings before launching her career, all of which have contributed to her in-depth understanding of and passion for interior design. She is meticulous and demonstrates a keen attention to detail. Yara has a DESS in Interior Design from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA).


Najla Ishac

Design Team
Najla made her way to Gatserelia Design after a series of internships and trainings which have prepared her for life as a professional interior designer. Since June 2007, Najla has contributed to a large number of projects at the company and continues to work hard to uphold the Gatserelia style and signature across each and every different challenge. She has a diploma in interior design from the Lebanese University.


Georges Esper

Design Team
An artist at heart, Georges has honed his skills in interior design thanks to longstanding and extensive experience in the field. Throughout the years, he has maintained a fervent commitment to and passion for painting and photography. This is expressed in his work style and sensibility. Georges has been working at Gatserelia Design since 2010 where he now has a senior interior designer position. Gatserelia Design brand image and equity.


Celine Gruere | Dubai

International Team
Celine has honed her skills at Gatserelia Design for over 6 years, working on a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects, many of which were in Dubai. With her extensive experience and expertise, in addition to her understanding of the UAE market, she has become the company’s representative and Design Manager in the UAE. She plays a key role in pre and post contractual coordination and liaises with the Beirut team for quality control and timely deliverables.


Marie Chocry | Paris

DInternational Team
Specialized in procurement, market intelligence, trend analysis and forecasting, Marie is the head of FF&E department. Working from Paris, she represents Gatserelia Design in France. She oversees her own team of talented designers and directs them in the production of FF&E documentation adapted to each and every project, region and brand. She also coordinates with the Beirut team at all times to guarantee a satisfying outcome.